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How Much Fish Oil Should You Take?

There are many valuable health and athletic performance benefits of fish oil. As amazing as fish oil is, it’s important not to OD on it because a high fish oil intake may lead to a suppressed immune system and prolonged bleeding due to the fact that it thins the blood.Therefore, here are nine steps to [...]

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Three Effective Fat Loss Strategies For Athletes

“A leaner athlete is a better athlete.”Do you agree with this statement? From a biomechanical perspective it’s true: The less mass an athlete has to move, the less force required to move it at a given speed. Extra fat makes athletes slower.However, athletic performance is a combination of strength, power, endurance, energy stores, skill, mental [...]

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How to Read a Post-Workout Formula Label

How to Read a Post-Workout Formula LabelWhen evaluating the value of a particular post-workout recovery formula, you must look at the ingredient panel instead of the nutritional panel. Consider the following nutrition panel:Amount Per Serving:Calories 150Calories for fat 10Total Fat 1gTotal Carbohydrate 28gSugars 16gProtein 8gRiboflavin 12mgVitamin B6 12mgFolate 300mcgVitamin B12 100mcgMagnesium 250mgSodium 80mgPotassium 150mgL-Leucine 1,000mgBeta Alanine 1,000mgL-Citruline [...]

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THE FUEL Nutrition PRE, INTRA and POST WORKOUT formulas provide everything you need to prepare, perform and recover from your intense training sessions all the way to game time.Below you can find a quick guide to understanding how these formulations will enhance your ability as an athlete:PRE WORKOUT Creatine Magnapower Superior in terms of results for power [...]

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THE FUEL Nutrition & Spring Training 2015

THE FUEL Nutrition TEAM has been in 29 out of 30 clubhouses in 6 days introducing our NSF Certified for Sport products at Spring Training! THE FUEL Nutrition TEAM Member, Brad Hawpe, former MLB player states: “These are the products I wished I had my entire career! After exiting the game in 2013, I [...]

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